Roberta Molaschi




In the white cube


It all starts with a corner. 

Where three lines interjects in the space, the dicotomy between inside/outside begins.
This is the origin of a spacial idea, the white cube, which can then become a house, a room, a museum.


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Music Tour Magazine

Prototype design of a music magazine.
Started from the idea of how much London is connected with the music world, and the possibility to create  an unconventional tour of London, through 10+ iconic spots related with the music world.
Each page is dedicated to a specific location, with short description, pictures and a map of the area. The middle pages are instead the whole map of London, where you can easily check wich of the spot is the closest to you.

Visual communication is the conveyance of ideas and information in forms that can be seen.

Telegram Stickers

Telegram is one of the most popular messages app, and one of his best features is the possibility to upload personalized stickers, that can be used as emoticons in a conversation. These are two funny characters that I created and thought can be perfect as stickers.

Pragelato Races

From the Logo design, to the creation of a modern and interactive website. Pragelato Races is now a young and independent reality, into the Italian sport event world.

Villaggio Gofree

New brand identity design for one of the best camping, spa, restaurant village in the north of Italy. A modern logo design, followed by business card, flyers, camping map, and everything necessary to bring the Gofree village in the 21st century.

Baguette & Bonton

Logo design, Facebook posts and the creation of a website full of curious blogs, interesting stories and online games. These two happy puppies are the main characters of the fantastic world of Baulandia, a place where Baguette, Bonton and all their family and friends are living funny adventures.